Hotel rooms

Hotel has total 96 comfortable, well equipped rooms. They are located on three floors in four buildings that are all connected with each other. Most of rooms are double rooms with twin beds. There is a free Wi-Fi internet access in all buildings except Tervahovi.

See the Area Map.

Hotel rooms includes

  • toilet
  • shower (no bath tubs)
  • television
  • telephone
  • hotelcooler
  • hairdryer  

Some of the rooms also have their own balcony and some open to a beautiful view of Lake Lehmijärvi.

All rooms are non-smoking and includes linen and towels.

We also have couple of rooms for travelers with pets. Ask more from our reception.


Twin rooms in F-building

Picture of twin room in F-building


Twin rooms in A-, B- and C-buildings

Picture of twin room in A-, B, or C-building


Twin rooms in D-building

Picture of twin room in D-building


Budget accommondation in E-building (Tervahovi)

Economy/Budget rooms are situated in separate E-building called Tervahovi. It is two-level dormitory building from 1950’s and situated nearby the lakeshore. Therefore it is very lovely especially at summertime.

Se the Area Map.

In Tervahovi shared toilets and showers (one for men and one for women) are situated along the corridor. TV and Telephone are in the common room. No WiFi in Tervahovi. Only few rooms in Tervahovi has it’s own toilet and shower-room. 

All rooms in Tervahovi  includes linen and towels.


Budget Single room with shared bathroom

Picture of budget single room


Budget twin room with shared bathroom

Picture of budget twin room


Budget triple room with bathroom

Picture of budget triple room